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Blockbuster release-Dellon VX Industrial Videoscope
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Blockbuster release-Dellon VX Industrial Videoscope-4mm probe-achieves transition from 1 million to 2 million pixels

The pixels of industrial videoscope have a very important impact on detection. If the pixel and resolution of the videoscope is not enough , the detection results will become blurred, so that the defects can not be accurately identified and analyzed. This may lead to some potential risks being ignored in the production process, which may lead to problems such as production obstruction and increased losses.

In today's increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad, Dellon once again broke through the technical barriers, successfully developed the VX 4mm videoscope, 2 million pixels, filling the market technology gap of 4mm probe only 1 million pixels. This innovative product which breaks through the technical bottleneck, marks that Dellon has made great progress in imaging technology.

Dellon 2 million HD VX 4mm Industrial videoscope probe with excellent image quality, to provide smooth, true, clear, stable dynamic/static inspection picture. The internal structure of the working condition can be carefully observed, and small defects can be effectively detected to ensure product quality.

The design of VX industrial videoscope also takes into account the requirements of the actual application environment, suitable for a variety of small space detection. For example, in the industrial field, all kinds of pipes, containers, parts and equipment inside the foreign body, weld, blockage, defects and other macro detection, can also be used for anti-terrorism, search and other small entrance peep inspection.

Deep cultivation in the field of non-destructive testing for more than 20 years, Dellon has always adhered to independent innovation, maintain continuous research and development investment in new products every year, with this technological breakthrough, Dellon will make a contribution to the development of non-destructive testing in the future, bringing more accurate and efficient testing solutions to the industry. If you want to know more about industrial videoscope products, feel free to contact us.





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