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Zhengzhou Runde Dellonscope Co.,Ltd

We are a professional manufacturer and developer for NDT ( non-destructive testing ) in China , founded in 2006 , and we have been engaged in the field for many years , and there are lots of customers and distributors belongs to us all over the world . " DELLON" has already been a well-known interna...





D optical fiber borescope

1.Excellent quality
2.Saving of... More

SE professional borescope Instrument

The whole system includes 40mm, 24mm and 8.4mm... More

G series Industrial Videoscope

Power: DC5V~1A
Battery: Battery Powered... More

D series Industrial videoscope

CCD/CMOS size:1/4
FOV:110°... More

VT industrial videoscope Instrument

VT series industrial endoscope combined with... More

Professional borescope Instrument service

2-way articulating probe is connected with... More


Zhengzhou Runde Dellonscope Co.,Ltd

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Address: Henan State University Sci-Tech. Park (East Zone) No.18 Building (B) Floor 8, Zhengzhou, Henan, China (Mainland)  
Telephone: 86-371-55693095
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Contact Person: Mr.Xiaoyue Guo

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