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Industry borescope
Model Number:3D measurement videoscope
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Product Details

Industry borescope.

Industry borescope Model:Svpro3920.Svpro 6200.SVpro 6300.

Dellon Industry borescope has independent intellectual property rights, and is the first Industry borescope product in China to develop 3D measurement function. Integrating optics, electronics, precision machinery and binocular photogrammetry technology, it has high definition, good reliability and strong stability. Accurate detection and measurement can be carried out in places where manpower is not possible or there are potential safety hazards, and the actual needs of users can be solved to the greatest extent.

Industry borescope Camera diameter:6.0mm.

Industry borescope LCD size:6.5 inches touch screen.

Industry borescope Pixels:1,000,000.

Controller size:351*163*122.

DOF:8mm-80mm. (side view camera 5mm-50mm).

Controller interface:HDMl interface,

USB3.0 interface.


System memory:Built-in 4GB standard flash memory.

Industry borescope Housing material:Titanium alloy. Stainless steel,

Industry borescope Memory medium:128GB SSD.

Industry borescope Cable length:2.0M/3.0M.

Industry borescope Battery capacity and working hour:1.1V 7000mah>3 hours.

Industry borescope Cable surface layer:Tungsten braided.

Industry borescope peration system:Embedded operation system.

Bending angle:>120°. lmage control.

Control mode:Motor driven joystick control.

Temperature warning:Over temperature warning.

Type of light High light LED.

Special image processing Negative.

Industry borescope LED Life:100,000 hours.

Still image record:Resolution 1280x720.format:JPEG.BMP.

Temperature:sensing Build-in temperature sensor.

Video recording Resolution:1280x720.

Industry borescope format:AVI.ASF.DOV,

0 or 90°Stereo measurement.

Including point-to-point,point-to-line,point-to-surface,curve measuremeretc.

Industry borescope measurement accuracy is 0.1~0.2mm,and the deviation is 1~2%.

Camera lock/ Pause.Available.Data output.

upport U disk export.