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Industry videoscope
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Product Details

Industry videoscope.

GX series Industry videoscope.Model:GX1815/GX2415/GX2815/GX3920/GX6200/GX6300.

GX HD Industry videoscope is a upgraded product of Dellon G+ series.Industry videoscope has high possibility and high stability detection ability,unique fast real-time image processing function,and excellent detection picture rendering effect.Equipped with new detection handles such as ultra-fine detection diameter/ultra-long detection distance,Industry videoscope greatly expands the application range of the product and is suitable for video detection in narrow spaces.Industry videoscope can be used for intuitive detection of foreign objects,blockages,and defects inside automobile engines,hydraulic pressure,pneumatic parts,steel pipes,castings,and containers;Industry videoscope can also be used for anti-terrorism,search,and other small entrance peep inspections.

Industry videoscope Specifications:

The followings are the details information of G series Pipe Industry Videoscope,and we are looking for the agents from all over the world.Please do not hesitate to contact us if this Industry videoscope instrument meet your needs.


All Way Articulating Industry videoscope instrument.

Industry videoscope instrument Features:

Portable design,easy using and carrying

Joystick-Controlled,360 degree Articulation.

Highly Durable and Flexible Insertion Tube.

High-Intensity LED Illumination.

High sensitiveness CCD/CMOS image sensor.

AA batteries,continually working more than 2 hours.

Industry videoscope instrument Specification

Industry videoscope Operating Unit:

Display:5 inches LCD.

Industry videoscope Interface:Video output(NTSC/PAL),SD,USB and charging port.

Working Time:More than 4 hours.

Industry videoscope Probe:

Industry videoscope Probe Diameter:1.8mm/2.4mm/2.8mm/3.9mm/6.2mm.

Industry videoscope Camera Pixel:1080p.

Articulation:360 degree all-way.

Tube Length:1.5 m-3 m.

Depth of Field:5mm-30mm/8 mm-80 mm/10mm-100mm/15mm-infinity.

Viewing Angle:90°.

Bending Angle:≥120°.

Industry videoscope Illumination:Industry Videoscope Type:6 pcs white light LED.

Brightness adjustment:0-5 levels.

Others of Industry videoscope instrument:


Memory:64GSD card.

Waterproof Level:IP67.

Industry videoscope Working temperature:-10℃-50℃.

Industry videoscope Dimensions:470*360*150(mm).