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Portable videoscope
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Product Details

Portable videoscope.

Portable videoscope Camera Probe diameter:2.4mm,2.8mm,3.9mm,6.2mm non waterproof,

6.4mm waterproof,8.4mm

Portable videoscope Material;Stainless steel,Stainless steel Titanium alloys.

Image sensor:5CMOS,3.5CMOS,4.5CMOS.

Illumination:Highlight LED.

Probe's length:10mm,15mm.

Portable videoscope Pixels:300,000.1,000,000.




Portable videoscope Temperature sensing:Yes.

Insertion cable Length:1.5m.2m.3.5m.6m.

Material:Stainless steel. Stainless steel Tungsten.

Articulation:part Bending angle 90°(2 way),90°(2 way)90°(360°).

Bending part operation Manual joystick.

Portable videoscope Probe interchangeability:Yes.

Controller LCD size:5 inches.

Material of the controller ABS.

Portable videoscope Resolution:200*720.


Brightness:600 CD/m2.

Portable videoscope supply Battery:3.7V/6000MAH.

Portable videoscope Working time:More than 4 hours.

Portable videoscope Charging time:5 hours.

AC input:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.35A.

AC output:5V 2A.

Brightness:adjustment Manual 5 levels. Auxiliary light life 100,000 hours.

Lighting type:High brightness LED.

Portable videoscope System memory:None.

Audio Built-in mic,speaker Wifi video,


Photo/video:function Real time 5-level and 3 times.magnification(Capture).

Operation system:Multitasking operating system.

menu drive and key operation.

Real time 5-level and 3 times.

magnification(Video)Software update.

Factory will provide thelatest procedure.

and this updating will be finished by the users

Playback function Video:Playback/Pause/Input/output/Video output NTSC/PAL output/.

Pictures:Real time 5-level and 3 times magnification.

USB interface.

Storage Output interface:HDMI/AV.

Date/time setting.

Storage media:Micro SD(32G).

14 languages:Chinese,English.

Photo format:JPEG. SD card format Operation.